Editor’s Note: Every month we share an update with all of Grace Lead’s partners. We also publish that update in full for our Grace Lead audience in keeping with our value of transparency.

Here’s an update on how the month of November went with Grace Lead. There was both good that happened and there was room for improvement

In the ‘good’ category:

I have continued to get practice coaching a number of men and women.
The #givingtuesday campaign (which turned into a #winter-giving-campaign) is in process! – I should be receiving the postcards in the mail tomorrow. You can view the designs below.
Be on the lookout the postcards I’m sending to you a thank you 🙂 Use them when you get a chance! Pick a leader in your life – doesn’t have to be a pastor – just anyone who is leading within the church – and write them an encouraging note. It’s an active way you can help build up the body of Christ.
You should be getting receipts now for your monthly donations. I ended up having to transfer the ‘donation’ portion of Grace Lead’s website to it’s own site. Now it’s permanent home is at partner.gracelead.org
I wrote a short devotional on the Christmas hymn, ‘It Came Upon The Midnight Clear’ as part of an Advent Devotional my friend Patrick Ray organized. If you’re interested, you can download a PDF copy here – consider donating to Patrick and Shelby Ray as they raise support to plant a church in North Minneapolis. Find out more here.

In the ‘room for improvement’ category:

Since starting regular hours of working 8am to 5pm, I’ve had some great days of coaching/focus/work, but other days where I’ve said to myself, ‘I know I was busy all day, but I accomplished nothing.’
Along with that, is being diligent to keep track of where I’m spending my time. But I have some ideas I’m implementing for December 🙂
Fundraising is going great and bad. Whenever I do meet with someone, the presentation and our time together is wonderful and 90% of the people become a monthly financial partner! The bad part, is that I just need to meet with more people! Call, email, letters, follow up, etc..

Let me know if there’s anything specific I can be praying for and reply back.
I also hope you are enjoying surviving the weather. You should use it as an excuse to drink lots of hot-chocolate…with whatever toppings you want – whipped cream, candy canes, marshmallows, more whipped cream, etc… 🙂

Thank you again for partnering with Grace Lead!


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